I am a story teller. I have been ever since I discovered the power of communication to shape one’s reality, whether through a grammatical manipulation, or a carefully chosen adjective. My various experience with content management and communications, both in the for-profit sectors and the non-profit sectors, have helped me to hone my writing and editing proficiencies. I have over five years of successful experience in content project management and communications marketing, and a passion for high quality content with a drive toward community development.

My first taste of communications work came in high school when, in grade eleven, I took on the role of Co-Editor-in-Chief of the school newspaper, a role usually reserved for graduating students. I was hooked immediately. Since this first experience in the world of content creation, I have taken on many leadership roles in my various communications work with great success. In my role as Communications Lead for Regent Park Neighbourhood Initiative (RPNI), a non-profit organization that has restructured to a Neighbourhood Association, I worked on various research campaigns, and developed several projects from the ground up, including the organization’s website and social media profiles, and a community newsletter: vastly improving the organization’s public visibility. Through this work I developed my ability to engage diverse audiences through communications.

As SEO Content Lead for Engage SEO, a company in downtown Toronto that specializes in content creation and SEO marketing, I acted as Project Manager and Content Team Lead. In this position, I managed the in-house content team and external/freelance writing teams to assign projects and ensure successful completion of content that would attract audiences and secure product sales. I worked closely with the Lead Developer and CEO/Founder to create all SEO content assignments, host weekly meetings, review/approve all company content, and provide guidance and leadership to my team.

Currently, I find myself developing my entrepreneurial and project management skills in a different atmosphere while running my own online clothing business, taking responsibility for all aspects of the business, including customer insights, social media promotions, and various market research. This experience shows my ability to wear multiple hats and my drive to see projects through to completion.

If you are seeking a communications professional with strong critical thinking skills, enthusiasm, initiative, and a drive to bring people together, I am the professional you seek.