I’ve always had an inclination for seeing the world a bit differently. Whether it’s visualizing the number 2 as bright pink or the smell of my favourite shampoo as a silvery purple, designing wedding ball gowns from white plastic bags for my Barbie Dolls as a child, or understanding the graffiti-strewn streets of Toronto as a political battleground — I find inspiration for creation everywhere I look.

This is how I found my passion in creating community through communications, whether working for a common cause to better the world through social engagement, or building a cohesive online audience to improve consumer engagement and sales. Even with my clothing business, BettyFelonFashions, my focus is positive community building through communications, this time, visually.

My brand was born of a need to create beautiful, feminine clothing for women that enhance their natural beauty without restraining them to some arbitrary standard of embodiment. I custom make each piece of clothing to the measurements of my clients to flatter, not bind, because I believe no woman should ever feel their shape precludes them from wearing the clothing they want. I aim to communicate differently about fashion and embodiment, and to create a body positive community in the fashion world, to promote a feminist beauty standard that is based in the concept that diversity is natural and good.

I grew up in a social-justice oriented family; both my parents found their careers as social workers and instilled in me a sense of ethics based in community building and advocacy. This has created the desire in me to constantly seek out opportunities to make meaning in the world. So when it comes to my creations, the intention is always to bring people together, whether visually through fashion design, or through written communication via social media, webpages, newsletters — you name it!

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