Today, a man on the subway hit me…

Today, a man on the subway hit me. All day I've attempted to leave the incident behind me and move forward; however, as I end my day and find it still at the forefront of my mind, I have to consider I need more space to process the event. It was just a little drama: [...]


A Bit About My Other Passion In Fashion…

"From a philosophical perspective, I believe there is a cultural need for BettyFelonFashions, or shops like mine -- both a need for the kind of items created and a need for the unique way I strive to present them. I want to create items for women that make them feel beautiful and sexy, just as they are, without contorting or binding the body, without sacrificing comfort, or their sense of humour."

The 5 Most Common English Language Errors

Think you've mastered the English language and can't be stumped? The truth is that many of us even with a strong grasp on the language will make mistakes regularly in our speech and writing. Are you guilty of any of these common English errors?

Motorcycle Inspired Reflections

Amidst all the stress and disappointment that seems to characterize my life these days, I had a moment of pure and total contented happiness, and it was a treasured gift. Adam and I were riding on his motorcycle some night last week. We were zooming along the Bayview Extension, as we usually do (who goes the [...]

Affect and Embodiment

I lay in the bathtub thinking, being. My head rests on the porcelain base, soft water nuzzling the sides of my face. The contrast between sensations -- hard and soft -- makes me feel unease; as if to relax into the warmth of the caressing water would inspire the hard porcelain to reach up and [...]