The Rain

The rain fell on her umbrella with a soft and constant patter. The steamy, moist air hung around her, infusing her frizzling hair and clinging to her dewy skin. A cool breeze blew under her mesh protection, chilling her skin, causing her body to tingle in the contrast. As a child she had marvelled at the occurrence of a rainstorm, sitting on her front porch on her father’s lap in terrycloth jammies, watching as the raindrops made shapes like a formation of little ducks as they hit the pavement. She had always longed to dash out in the middle of it, be swept up in the party of ducks, dancing across the sleek black concrete. It had been so long since she had felt the same longing to be embraced by the storm. Now, gingerly stepping in her new leather shoes urgently trying to remain under her new $1 umbrella, she cursed the rain and herself for stupidly not checking the weather forecast before she stepped out this morning. She cringed with each step until she could not bear to subject her expensive footwear to acid water showers any longer. She slipped the shoes off her feet and placed them in her bag, bare feet against the cold, wet city street. It was a shock to feel so naked in such a public space – through the pads of her feet she could feel the vibrations of the passing cars. She carried on walking with a grimace, aware of watchful strangers, but the cool water under her feet was gently satisfying. As a few rogue raindrops landed on her bare skin she felt herself beginning to soften. The touch of it was surprisingly exhilarating. She reached out her hand from under her umbrella cocoon and let the water fall, bounce off her skin. It felt like little jolts of energy. She let the spray crawl up her arm, sending tingles throughout her body. It awakened her and the beauty of the simple sensation made her heart ache with the regret of wasted moments. She cast aside her umbrella and let the storm take her in, feeling like a little duck on a rainwater cement stream.


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